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My boys love to create by drawing, painting, making and building.

I have photos of over 200+ pieces of art work created from 2012-2014 from both my boys. I started taking photos at the end of each school year so I could recycle the large quantity of artwork (who has space to keep every wonderful creation?!)

With 2014 year finished I had just over 100 individual pieces of art piled up from both the boys (image above) just waiting to be photographed.

Recently a friend had created a photo book for her daughters time at preschool and I loved how simple the book was and it was an easy way to keep the memories without the huge pile of art sitting around.

I uploaded all the images I had to snapfish and created a 30cm x 30cm hardcover photo book.

It was so easy to use (I think it helps that I use snapfish for printing all my Project Life photos) and with so many options for page layouts and colours I just went for simple 4 images per page and white. I ended up with 44 pages, a little bit more expensive than the original 20 pages price but I didn't really want to split it into 2 books or not use images we had.

I could have taken the time to do photo collages and save multiple images as one image to save on printing but I like that each square is one creation from the boys. 

The front cover was a recent image of the boys (thanks to Picmonkey)

It took a week for the photo book to arrive and I was super impressed at the print quality!

I now have a new very unique and awesome coffee table book.

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  1. Did you get the stitch bound or glue bound version? Just a word of warning- if you leave the book on the coffee table in sunlight it can melt the glue binding and then the pages will fall out.


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