Where I Am At Right Now- Its March already!

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Making : lists of meals and shopping needed for the next fortnight
Cooking : the stock standard I know they will eat and its full of good food dinners
Drinking : nespresso
Reading: NZ Gardener March 2015 addition
Wanting: more sunshine

Looking: at how big my boys are getting
Playing: guess who with the boys 
Deciding: what to do with my child and husband free weekend coming up
Wishing:  we had summer for 12 months of the year

Enjoying: monthly date nights with Mr B
Waiting: for photos to arrive in the post

Liking: the small fun projects that bring so much joy
Wondering: what I shall wear tomorrow

Loving: friends visiting and now living so much closer
Pondering: the quickest way to sew on kea/cub badges to blankets

Considering: making more feather hoops
Watching: my garden grow
Hoping: for a productive week
Marvelling: at the night sky

Needing: a thimble
Smelling: tomatoes from our garden
Wearing: clothes swap clothes- win!

Following: the ever changing skyline of the city
Noticing: I seem to stir at the same times each night.

Knowing: how long I slept for last night now I have a Fitbit 
Thinking: I should be getting to bed earlier
Feeling: tired

Admiring: birthday flowers

Buying: thread and fabric for quilts

Getting: the wood in for the fire
Bookmarking: winter crochet projects
Opening: post

Giggling: at the funny faces my boys pull

Feeling: so very proud of Master B as he is now a Cub.

You can find the list here
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  1. Yay for clothes swap clothes! That grey hoodie was fantastic today.


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