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I feel like I blinked and December vanished!  Its January already!

Making : Blackcurrant Jam

Cooking : From my new stack of recipe books

Drinking : Nespresso

Reading: Mollie makes  magazines

Wanting: It to rain so I can test out the spouting and barrel I just installed.

Looking: At school bag options for the boys

Playing: with watercolours

Deciding: what chocolate to eat from our large selection we have been gifted over Christmas

Wishing: To go back to the Christchurch Art Gallery 

Enjoying: Trips to the park with the boys

Waiting: for my gladioli to flower

Liking: My simple loom creations 

Wondering: why our potato yield was so bad this year

Loving: Days spent alone with Mr B

Pondering: the view of the city

Considering: planting more plants

Watching: the boys grow

Hoping:  there is no more painting for us in the near future

Marvelling: At the new functional space we have 

Needing: more patience

Smelling: the garden

Wearing: a smile

Following: the boys around the new playground in the city

Noticing: All the birds in the garden

Knowing: that we are creating memories together

Thinking: abut how fast the past year went

Feeling: Thankful all the painting is done!

Admiring: All our storage solutions

Buying: Lunch boxes and drink bottles

Getting: Excited for Master B's 9th Birthday next month

Bookmarking: great playgrounds around the city

Opening: post

Giggling: at all the awesome photos I find on the camera

Feeling: very thankful for grandparents

You can find the list here
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  1. fab list and new space! Highly recommend kathmandu school bags - not cheap at $100 a bag on special but they have lasted for years now!! Done everything from Kmart to Briscoes to Warehouse bags at all prices and have finally decided quality over quantity and probably has worked out cheaper in the long run too. One kid has had the same school bag all the way through high school and now in his last year.


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