where I am right now- June

I'm sure its not just me but this year I feel like I blinked and June appeared!

Making : A beautiful quilt

Cooking : stock standard dinners in the hope it all gets eaten without complaint

Drinking : water

Wanting: more sunshine 

Looking: forward to Master W's 8th birthday next month 

Playing: football in the backyard

Deciding: what to wear on the winter days when its 18 degrees

Wishing: it was summer already

Enjoying: watching my boys swim each week

Waiting: till I can next donate blood

Liking: how quickly a craft project gets done

Wondering: when we will next get to go for a family walk

Loving: Me before you movie with friends

Pondering: wonderful times spent with friends 

Considering: getting an actual CV written up

Hoping: all the Lego gets packed away sometime soon

Marveling: at glorious skies 

Needing:  cooperative children more often

Smelling: jonquils from my garden 

Wearing: sunnies and woolly hats at the same time

Following: the weather forecast....waiting for snow

Noticing: how beautiful everything looks frosted 

Knowing: lots now I've completed my Level 1 football coaching course

Thinking: how awesome it would be if it didn't rain tomorrow.

Feeling: Proud when Master B walks the dog

Admiring: how wonderful my husband is

Buying: birthday and Christmas presents

Getting: excited about the arrival of my niece in the next month or so

Bookmarking: possible quilt ideas

Opening: mail

Giggling: at my "fortunes" being told by the boys with their handmade origami fortune teller 

Feeling: tired

You can find the list here
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  1. Love reading about your life! Can't wait to hug all of you!

  2. Love this! Gonna give it a go later ;)

  3. so many thoughts and feelings! I love it! Considering a CV?! Oooo, changes are afoot?! x


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