Where I Am Right Now- July

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Making : drinks with lemons from our lemon tree

Cooking : eggs on toast

Drinking : soda stream with lemon

Reading: up on how to play the boys card game

Wanting: more donuts and dates with Mr B

Looking: back at all our recent holiday photos

Playing: gutter board

Deciding: which direction to walk the dog

Wishing: I could go back and get Master W's rock I left at the top of the gondola

Enjoying: family time at the park

Waiting: till my garden is full of flowers again

Liking: hugs with my now 8 year old

Wondering: what colour to choose next

Loving: awesome photos

Pondering: if we are all just a little bit broken underneath our nice exterior and if some people hide it better than others

Considering: another road trip

Watching: the boys have deep conversations while digging the garden

Hoping: good changes take time

Marvelling: at how well plants grow when you forget about them

Needing: more hours in the day to create and craft

Smelling: lavender

Wearing: all the clothing

Following: the weather forecast waiting for snow

Noticing: how little clothing this child wears compared to me

Knowing: I am good at what I do

Thinking: that I should really take advantage of the sunshine and put on some washing

Feeling: warmth from the sun

Admiring: our awesome family

Buying: food 

Getting: quilt inspiration from Instagram

Bookmarking: recipes

Opening: replacement lego post

Giggling: at the Master W's concern and thoughtful approach for the worms in the soil and Master B's go forth and dig it all approach

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