6 years since September 4th 2010

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Its crazy to even think of a time before the earthquakes and before eqc, house repairs, road cones, demolition, constant change to the city and aftershocks and its only been 6 years since it all began

6 years on I still annoyingly feel frustrated........ 
frustration over the whole repair process as we are still having our house levels and land checked from shoddy repairs done in 2013

I feel like shouting "if you had done it right the first time we would't be dealing with you 3 years on" but we live and learn to appreciate all the cracks in other people's buildings 

Some times slapping a smile on and letting it go is the best plan

I would like to think I'm older and also wiser

I have learnt to value good friends and the resources around us that are found when we reach out and have good honest conversations with friends

I would like to say I'm resourceful and confident, and more am willing now to give most things a go as I teach my boys many life lessons

I am so thankful for Mr B, he is my calm, reliable and very sensible rock

Sometimes its easy to want to get off this crazy train when its the same old rinse and repeat but honestly I don't think I would have it any other way

I am so thankful to have had time to get involved in all the things the boys do
(and it was a huge surprise to get a Coach of the year award) 

I am enjoying watching the boys grow. 

This year feels like a blur but we are trying to make sure we stop and celebrate the good stuff and take time for hugs.

I am enjoying creating a home for my family. 

A friend commented that she was worried now I am back to work that there will be less crafting and creating. 

Crafting and creating bring me so much joy and peace, I'm sure there will be another quilt, weaving, or crochet project in my hands soon enough.

Here's to progress while heading in the right direction where ever that will be.

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