Hello New year!

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With the new year here- hello 2012 we ask for a safe, un eventful, less grumpy, family filled, more patient, less shaky, happier year!!

With a new year I have started a list a 30 before 30 list- note my list is lacking things (I only have 15 things on my list at the moment) I will post it once I actually have 30 things on my list.
Here are a few blogs I have taken inspiration from larakate.blogspot.com and dayinthelifeofacreativemummy.blogspot.com

I also went through my Google reader and have un-starred a huge stack (1000+) of things I had liked over the past year and never done anything with SO I went and put them into a document with a label and the link and its now organised for the new year.
  • Things to make in 2012
  • Things to make for Christmas
  • Inspiration
This will also make things easier to go back and find the link- even when I make things from Pinterest I can add them to my document and mark them off when I make them (or delete when I dont want them)

I am starting the year being organised and with a LONG list of things to make. And to start off the new year I just ordered these Hexagon template/paper templates from kiwiquilts. Excited to start!!!

Also if you can think of anything to add to my 30 before 30 list please post a comment.

Happy 2012!! And on a side note- what one word would you use to sum up your 2011? Mine would be - eventful!
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  1. Hello! You are so organised. I feel tired just thinking about it, but I'm going to organise a few lists like your, especially the things to craft this year. I like the 30 B4 30 idea but since I'm 40 very soon I;d have to do 50 before 50 and just writing that makes me feel faint..!


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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