More Farmers Wife Quilt blocks

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For the past month I have been making Christmas cards and gifts for friends and family so my Farmers Wife Quilt blocks having been sitting in zip lock bags waiting to be sewn.

Blocks cut and waiting!
 So I did some sewing- and here is what I made!

[10] Bowtie

[81] Snowball

[92] Streak of lightning

[69] Practical Orchard

[4] Basket Weave

13 blocks I have made so far!

So I have been busy- 5 blocks made in 2 days- and one extra I have made and posted for a friend for her Farmers Wife Quilt- I hope she likes it as much as I do!

[29] Economy
So 13 made 98 to go! Going to start cutting more blocks out. I have 8 page markers for the next bunch to do, but not today as Master W has now been unwell for 11 days and counting so feeling grumpy and less patient from the lack of a full nights sleep which aftershocks have also have not been helping when they wake us in the night!.

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