Modern Sampler Bee

I joined a Modern Sampler Bee

Here are the basic rules- We are to are make and send to each other

6 x 12.5" x 12.5" identical Blocks of OUR choice in the colour choice of the individual Bee members out of our fabrics. All blocks to be received by end of June. Here is the list of people in my group and the colours they have suggested

Group 2
Myself Bright Rainbow- Surprise Me 
Lisa Bright Rainbow- Surprise Me
Naomi Purple/Aqua/Pink - White
Debra Pink/Green/Red - White or Grey
Angelique Pink/Green/Purple - Cream or Natural
Leonie Blue/Green/Pink/Yellow - White

I have received my block from Leonie  and I love the colours!

I made a start on my blocks...

and you may have noticed there is one missing....I have already made one block and will post photos once they are all finished!
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  1. yay tehehe hello im Lisa in the Bee block too .ooo look at that fabric i spot Tula Pink Fabric in there.
    Hugs hope your well

  2. Hi there Lisa! We are well. Can you guess what block will be yours?


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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