Our Easter

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We had a great Easter. Easter Friday we ate hot cross buns with friends (while they were waiting for their baby to arrive- who arrived early Saturday morning) the Saturday we had a yummy bbq with friends and ate the yummiest pie! We also had Mr B's family arrive. We got to spend Easter Sunday having a family lunch and the boys had an Easter Egg hunt.

opening chocolate

me and my boys

I filled the plastic eggs with a small lego set and placed them around the back yard. They loved finding them and of course the building. They got Easter eggs from my parents and since Master W is dairy intolerant my mum found some alternatives so Master W could still enjoy something yummy for Easter

Lego filled Easter eggs 

Master B finding eggs

building the lego boat

On the Monday (public holiday) we had a picnic at the The Groynes . The weather was prefect. The boys played on the playground. We took a walk around the lake and waterways, watching people go fishing and boating.

Last week the weather was wet and cold so after a few days stuck inside with the boys we called into Riccarton Mall and picked up the boys Easter packs (the boys are Westfield club members) so they enjoyed their packs with puzzles/ colouring in, Easter bunny ears and as a treat they got a new colouring in book each. Colouring in is perfect for afternoons stuck inside.

colouring in

Master B had a night at his Grandparents Saturday night. Mr B couldn't resist the castle when we called into Toyworld - so we spent the afternoon building a lego castle and had a movie night enjoying fish and chips with Master W and we got to watch The Lion King (awesome movie)

Starting to build the castle

Castle complete

We are now into the second week of the school holidays. Mr B's family has now gone home *sad face* the boys enjoyed all the attention from Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts so now we are getting back into routine. And my wrist is still sore....so another physio visit this week.

Check out what Master B did this morning- very proud of him!

Master W is enjoying time having his brother home. They can be so nice to each other.

Building together

Making a tent using all the couch cushions

Dressed for winter in April

Colouring in

Now to enjoy the rest of the school holidays and enjoy the sunshine!

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