growing up....

I'm sure that many others wont find this step emotional or even that big but for me its a huge milestone in my boys growing up. Its like them saying their first word, taking a step, toilet training or starting school just to name a few. For me buying the boys actual single beds and selling their cots is a big thing for me.

cots dissembled

single beds

Initially I felt sad but at the same time it is very boys are growing up so fast!

new sheets
We went and brought new sheets for their single beds. Thankfully I had thought ahead and their mattress protectors and duvet covers were already single that we were using on their other beds. That was one less thing to buy. We did manage to find some nice boys sheets and get 4 different designs which is always nice!
I also didn't buy a valance for their beds - more because most valances are really girly looking and pleated- instead I brought a plain fitted sheet in blue and used it to put over the base. Covering the base with the blue looks nice with the sheets and duvet colours.

duvets with fitted sheet over base
The new striped duvet covers are cool and look great with the boys quilts I have made for them

Master W's quilt
A proud Master W next to his new bed

Master B's quilt

A Master B pretending to sleep

So its been an exciting day buying new linen and making up the boys beds. Hooray for a comfy new beds and a good nights sleep.

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  1. Naw :( I totally understand. I don't know how I'll cope with selling the cot!! Hopefully it will get more use, more baby(s) in the future. But on the other hand, I am SO excited about my boy getting into his own bed one day. We were just talking about 'thinking about' a bed for him soon.... but not too soon!

    You must be SO proud of your boys.

  2. The are just awesome!!! And I am amazed at how well they adjusted to their new beds.

  3. They look proud as punch! Love the sheets and quilts :) I don't even pretend to know how you feel but well done for raising such gorgeous boys!


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