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I love new babies, they just smell wonderful and when you hold them their knees are up around their waists, they have tiny fingers and toes and its just an amazing miracle to see the gift of new life!

I am so very thankful my boys were a good healthy weight at birth and pretty much on time with their due dates- a whole 9lb (instant 4kgs) each. But there are many babies born every year that are impatient to come into this world and come too early or for medical reasons need to be in hospital under specialist care in the NICU units. I have personally known families who have had babies need the support of the NICU unit in Christchurch. I have recently found through Facebook Earlybuds and the packs they make for new babies and the support resources through their website

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I have now sent two packages of  fabric and velcro to be made into gowns (I hope they like the fabrics I just posted)

fabric being posted

If you want to help here  is the link to their website with a list of ways you can help this organisation helping others!!

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  1. Treena, I love love LOVE that you use something you are passionate at to help others. All the time. You do it all the time. It is wonderful.


  2. Thank you so much for your support and sending us at Snuggle Bug the fabric. I just love the look of the new stuff that is on its way :) look forward to making some new gowns out of the fabric when it arrives. Thank you again.

  3. Adam isn't even 4lb yet! It was lovely to see you the other day. This is such a great cause, you are always so great at thinking of others Treena.

  4. Adam isn't even 4lb yet! It was lovely to see you the other day. You are so great at thinking of others and helping those in need, I really admire you for that.

  5. Love it - I love how crafters are so generous - good for you!


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