recovering our chairs

We brought our 6 seat dining table and chairs when Master B was little so they have been very well used the past 5 years! 

We had the fabric come away in a few places and a few missing screws made a few of them a little wobbly.

I asked a blogging friend  for words of advice and wisdom before I made a start on this project! First step was to find fabric. I did find plenty of trade me for the bargain price of $6 for the roll. We also brought a few extra screws to replace the missing ones and a box of staples for the staple gun we borrowed. The total cost was just over $20!

new blue fabric

New blue fabric next to the old green print

Here's how we recovered the chairs....

Step one- Remove the seat pads- unscrew the screws from beneath the chair 

Step two - Figure out how much fabric I need to recover the seat pads and cut out 6 large squares of fabric with print running in the right direction. I had more than enough left over from my roll from trade me.

Step three- Remove black covering and remove all staples used to hold down old fabric with screw driver

Step four- Hold down and wrap around new fabric and fold down edge- staple away with staple gun

Step five- Staple back on the fabric from underneath for a more finished look

Step six - Turn over and check out your handy work

Step seven- Screw pads back on to the chair legs 

and then with all 6 chairs done they look like this......

Now I am feeling rather proud of myself with Mr B's help (he was awesome getting all the staples out) to get this done in an afternoon. 

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  1. AWESOME!!

    Amy is a total pro at recovering chairs, and you did an excellent job with MR B!

    I've heard (from Amy) that getting the staples out is the worst part, defo a "blue" job!


  2. Wow you did awesome! Super professional looking, Have you got the upholstering bug yet?
    Did you get any blisters unpicking the staples out?

  3. Thanks Amy! Not sure I want to re cover anything else any time soon....and funny you mention blisters- my thumb/palms are feeling a little sensitive this evening.


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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