Striped Rainbow Quilt

I have started a quilt for friends of ours having their second little girl later this year. I have previously made a Rainbow Quilt.

One thing I noticed when choosing fabrics was how I was lacking in reds, oranges and yellow fabrics! I had started ironing all my fabric which was really handy for me cutting and finding what I needed.

I need to get a few more fabrics and decide on the backing fabric and what size it will end up being......

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  1. PRETTY!! I've never done any quilting before, so mad respect for you right now!!

    Oh, and i LOVE bright colours for girls, a rainbow theme will be a total winner!!

    One question - do you do a particular size? Like, is this going to be cot, bed or a random size??


  2. I tend to make cot/single sized for most kids quilts but size isn't always exactly the same.

  3. Love the colours!! I'm getting the urge to start a new quilt but I am totally lacking in fabric so I need to go on a hunt :)

  4. Love rainbows, cool colors, cheers Marie


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