I have been watching a friend crochet dishcloths in awesome colours and patterns the past few weeks.
I brought at spotlight a ball of pink 50% cotton 50% acrylic to use to attempt to make my own dishcloths and even think about gifting them for Christmas (or keeping them for us)

The awesome thing about craft nights is there is someone sitting next to you who knows what they are doing and can read the pattern. I made a start....

Feeling proud that it looks like the pattern in the book!!

Got this far and got stuck on the last round....

And finished it!

and then kept making them......nearly at the end of the ball

Three finished dishcloths. I used a size 2.5 hook (pattern recommends a size 4) so this is great they are not too small and I can get more than one from a ball..... makes me want to do the dishes now and I'm really like the bright pink option for a dishcloth- its just so happy and fun!

Hoping to see what other colours I can get and even try the silk/cotton mix and even branch out and see what other patterns I can attempt to follow!
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  1. You totally rocked this!
    I used a 4mm hook and got 2 out of a ball of organic cotton
    Cotton Bamboo is an awesome mix for dishes too
    LOVE the hot pink

  2. So cool! I've used the bamboo/cotton for dishcloths before and they work amazing. They don't leave streaks on stainless steel benchtops either. Love the bright pink!

  3. Cool pattern!
    I need to get me some decent yarn!

  4. So cool and I just love the colour!

  5. They look great! Love the colour.


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