Time away

Every year we try to make sure we do something to celebrate our wedding Anniversary. Last year we took a trip and saw some of the South Island as a family. This year we took an early (3 weeks early) trip away alone without the boys. For me the most stressful thing about time away is making sure the boys are prepared and everything is sorted for them to be away from us. But for me the best thing is the quality alone time with Mr B. The eating, sleeping and doing everything without considering the needs of the boys and it just being about us. The wonderful power of two nights away does wonders for my patience and outlook on everything.

We had an adventure -just the two of us. Mr B organised for us to have some time away in Akaroa.

we took evening walks

and spent time together

with views of the water

and walked to the lighthouse

I have a wonderful husband

We visited Okains Bay

and drove till we found this lighthouse

and this photo will be the time when "30 years ago there was a light house at the end of lighthouse road"

we live in a beautiful country!

So after 2 days away we are both glad to be home and back into the swing of reality. I love my boys but its so good to be able to leave them in someone else's trusty hands and enjoy the alone time as husband and wife.

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  1. Congrats, looks like an amazing break

  2. So agree - we have one of those coming up too!!! Exciting!


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