Bloggers Connecting- Breakfast and walk around

The Bloggers connecting weekend ended with breakfast at C1 Espresso in High Street, Christchurch.

I was really impressed with the quick service and a great breakfast. I think it helped I din't have to prepare it myself, feed anyone else or do the dishes!

We got to go on to the roof, the day was clear and so nice to see the city from above.

Me and Juliet

Me and Miriam

After breakfast and our roof top look we took a walk about to show many who were from out of town and some from Christchurch who hadn't ventured into town or even this far into town. It was great to see, show and share my experience with others willing to listen.

Memorial for those who lost their lives February 22nd 2011

The cardboard Catherdral

The Catherdral

Yarn bombing!! 

 We danced in the city!!!

Me and Lauren
awesome art 
It was such an awesome day!!! I needed an afternoon nap after the weekend. It was a wonderful time to be refreshed and take in all the conversations and experiences.
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  1. That is such a nice photo of the two of us!

  2. I think Sunday morning was one of my favourite parts of the weekend. The weather, the company, the story sharing and the chance to explore the city as it is now (without small children in tow...!)

  3. Such lovely photos of you and Miriam and Juliet and Lauren!

    Dancing in the city was fun . . .

    Thank you for sharing your experience and your city with me xxx huge hugs xxx

  4. A beautiful morning - thank you for sharing your city and experiences with us xx


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