Crafty Road Trip

I am part of a weekly craft group. A group who have gathered together to craft, chat and eat chocolate. But for me this group has wise women who have stories to share, knowledge to spread and just awesome women who each week get together.

We decided to do something fun- so we took a road trip last month.

The 6 of us (not everyone was free to make it on our road trip) headed off at 8.30am on a Saturday morning- child free and ready for an adventure. We headed south and drove to The Tin Shed in Geraldine and then into Geraldine town centre for morning tea and browsing the main street.

We booked a table for lunch at Verde Cafe Deli just off the main street and it was a great meal.

We did a spot of shopping in Geraldine and then headed back to Ashburton and stopped off at Annie's County Quilt Store

I may have found a large container of scrap fabric for sale and after looking through it all I was very happy with my fabric finds for the day.

Before we headed back we stopped off at Ashfords in Ashburton

Enjoyed one last coffee of the day and then headed home. It was a great day with awesome friends. Now to get on to planning our Op-shopping day!
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  1. fun! if you need a hand with the op-shopping day count me in :o) xx

  2. Ooooh what fun! sounds like you guys had a great time!

  3. I want to join your craft group!


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