Project Life 2014 Week Five

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I enjoyed my 10-15 minutes spent putting together my double page spread which  is made so much easier with our kitchen bench which is a perfect standing and working height (there was never a chance to using my old bench before). 

This is thankfully last week of the School Holidays (I'm very excited that school is less than 24 hours away!!) on the upside this week has been full of family activities and fun memories for us.

In Hanmer we did a 1 hour bike ride which ended up being a 2 1/2 hour bike ride filled with crying, frustration and tiredness- it was hard but also satisfying us all persevering to the end. We did take some awesome photos of our time in the forest.

Exploring the Canterbury Museum was a highlight for the boys and they really loved the hands on things to do at Discovery. I hope I don't suddenly have a lack of photos once the boys are back at school next week.

Getting photos printed this week was a grand total of $1.35 (I paid in cash so only $1.30- score!)

Week 5

My folder with another week added.
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