Birthday Fat Quarter Club

I signed up with 9 other lovelies to be a part of the Birthday Fat Quarter Club.

The basic idea is on the person's birthday you send a fq. My birthday was first on the list of 10 lovely ladies this year!

It was very hard to have packages waiting for me and to NOT OPEN THEM till my birthday.

I was so spoilt to receive such wonderful packages (chocolate and fabric!!!) and all of them with a cute note and a happy birthday!! I was even lucky enough to get the same fq of fabric from 2 different ladies.

from Leonie 

from Angela
from Leonie
from Angie in Western Australia
from Juliet
from Lisa
from Fiona
from Cat
Feeling very loved by such wonderful ladies!!! Now getting ready to send post to the next lovely on the birthday list.
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  1. Yay!!! Loook at all those lovely parcels! Hope you had a special day x

  2. Happy Happy birthday lots of lovely goodies there :)

  3. oh lots if lovely things and fabric!

  4. yay how exciting.yep im going to have to restrain from opening early..hehehe hope your Birthday was a awesome one .
    hugs xo


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