Share your country swap

I took part in Share your country swapThe aim is to send 5 things that symbolise the country you live in / were born in. I was paired up with Lee-Anne in South Africa

I wanted to send a few things that weren't to nic nacky but more practical and that were actually made in NZ (sadly this is much harder than you think)

 Here are the items I posted

100% pure NZ Wool- The Make Cafe
Pink Sistema
My favorite - Ecostore soap
Whittakers chocolate 
NZ calender 
For something made by me I crocheted using a dishcloth pattern adapted to fir in a hoop and then hand stitched it on to grey NZ merino knit fabric in the embroidery hoop. Love how it turned out!

my package I sent
It was so excited to get post from South Africa and was delighted with a package full of wonderful goodies- Thanks Lee-Anne!

Such an awesome swap thanks Kimberly for organising!!

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  1. That is a cool swap.
    That is also my favourite soap. its so nice.
    And I love your crochet in the hoop, very pretty.

  2. I love that you steered clear of typical touristy choices but still chose totally kiwi things x

  3. I love what you sent and the country you received from!
    I forgot to photograph my goodies


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