spraying knobs

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I have been looking for drawer knobs for a while now since the ones we had were really old, breaking easily and we never had the right number.

I finally found on trade me (a big whooo!) some that I liked (not loved) and the quantity was more than we needed. The style was similar to what we had. I couldn't ever find more than 6 vintage style drawer handles (we need 19 so they all match) so when I saw these ones I knew we had to have them.

I don't like the black/brownish look (next to the wood/existing scroll around the knobs) so I had a quick look on pintrest the answer was -a few coats of spray paint. (cheap and easy!)

A trip to Bunning's to find a similar colour was harder than I thought with so many options and none matching what we already had but I finally settled on Satin Silver.

safety first

I created a makeshift spray box to hold/contain the lightly sanded and cleaned knobs and the spray paint.

Now it was time to spray. The paint is quick dry 15-20 minutes so that made it very easy for each coat to be applied. Two coats each side.

They are not perfect but look so much better than before!

Just like magic each drawer has a handle and they all match!

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