winter clothes swap

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The lovely Lauren hosted a clothes swap. The main idea is you bring along 5 items of clothing you no longer wear/ want to swap for free.

This was my pile of items no longer needed. A few tops, shorts, skirts, bracelets and scarves.

It was exciting to arrive and see 2 tables piled up with clothes.

The greatest part was finding clothing that fitted and that we would be happy to buy in a shop.  We had plenty of time to put items aside, try them on, show others and decide what we want.

Most of us went back through the piles again and were pleasantly surprised to find things we didn't see the first time.

I was so stoked to find a pair of boots, open toe shoes, a jacket, a tee shirt, 2 pairs of jeans and 2 dresses. Clothing swap win!!

So much fun with friends and it cost nothing for a super fun morning and of course who doesn't love the thrill of finding new clothes.
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  1. It was fun ay! Lol only 5 things. i brought a whole rubbish bag full. Shows you just how much I get out. hahaha. Thanks Lauren for hosting :)


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