Where I am at right now (taking stock)

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Making : crochet headband/ear warmers for a friend
Cooking : crumpets (toasting is cooking right?!)
Drinking : nespresso coffee 
Reading: peeking over Mr B's shoulder as he is enjoying books by Harlan Coben
Wanting: a full nights sleep every night!
Looking: forward to my visitors coming in a few weeks to stay a week
Playing: lego checkers with Master W
Deciding: what birthday cake to buy
Wishing: it was summer already
Enjoying: staying in bed longer in the mornings 
Waiting: for the sun to appear
Liking: my new fleece jacket I picked up for $12 on our Op shop day
Wondering: what's causing Master W to not be feeling 100%
Loving: these 3 right here

Pondering: how we can have so many crumbs under the kitchen table?!
Considering: buying clothes on trademe
Watching: the boys build amazing lego creations
Hoping: that the sun comes out for the rest of the school holidays
Marvelling: at how amazing the sunsets have been this
Needing: some crochet into embroidery hoops
Smelling: the jonquils I picked from my gardens 
Wearing: my $4 pj's I picked up from the Postie sale last week
Following: a crochet pattern....and hoping I don't run out of wool
Noticing: how nice it is to have clean floors 
Knowing: my bed is warm and cosy 
Thinking: I should really be going to be soon
Feeling: so warm and cosy in front of the fire
Admiring: how fast my boys have grown this year through my PL pages
Buying: Christmas presents 
Getting: exercise walking the dog
Bookmarking:things I really should be getting done in my planner 
Opening: happy post 
Giggling: at the funny things the boys say
Feeling: content

You can find the list here
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