Why I take selfies

I have seen many posts on line slamming selfies.  In some cases I can see why, with some people posting them daily (or even multiples times a day) and even in their underwear?!?- not cool and very much an over share people- over share. 

I have also read a few blog's and I really liked this one from a mum's perspective

The reason I take selfies is for my boys. 

I want them to look back on our photo's (we have many thousands!!!) and see me ( me in real life )
Its far to easy to take photos of just them and everything around us. I find that being behind the camera makes it far to easy to become lost. Memories of our family need to be all of us.

It gets very easy to be waiting for life to be picture perfect, wearing he right clothes, owning the right things and always going to exotic places. These ordinary moments of home and life are the ones my boys are going to remember.

Project life for me is a reminder I need to be in our photos. We are living life together. It may not be glamorous but its our life and we are here now. 

My challenge to other mama's- do it for yourself (embrace the now!) and do it for your children. Take a selfie or two doing what you love. Get in the photos others offer to take. It makes for great memories and your kids will love looking back on those photos. 

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  1. This is an awesomely great post! I agree wholeheartedly - and now I'm going to take a photo of LJ and I!

  2. good for you, all the photos we have of me are for wardrobe weds which is a bit random - I'd like more of me with the boys

  3. Our lives don't need to be exotic or glamorous to be photo worthy - just filled with love :) Go you in embracing the selfie :)


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