its been 4 years

Its been 4 years.

I was looking back on my first blog posts way back in June 2011. And my first post about the earthquakes was here in June 2011. I found it much easier at the time to not blog/talk about what was going on. For me September was the easy shake- maybe I thought it wasn't blog worthy. 

For me this one was an experience I never want to repeat and it took me a year to write about it.

Now in September 4 years has passed and life for us has continued. I have learnt a thing or two about myself.

I have learned that I am tougher and smarter than I think. I have fight in me when I need it and know when its a good time to walk away. I am still learning to let the small things go. Everything doesn't have to be perfect all the time.
Learning to say no and know my limits. Learning to appreciate the small wonders and moments that make me smile.

I have learnt to reach out for help. Talking about life, the good and the bad- its good for me and for others to know its not all sunshine and roses. Everyday is a new day- thankfully!

I was surprised at how much I needed last year to unload and how much I kept piling on before I saw the cracks. I need to take those selfish me time moments and time alone just for me.

Its very easy to get caught up in the frustrations. We are still waiting 3 years on for our sewerage/storm water to be fixed. We had to wait over a year to be paid out for defects to our house repairs. *sigh*. But in the bigger scheme of things we are happy and healthy, have a safe and warm home.

My post about contentment sums up where I am at the moment. Content. 

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  1. Big hugs to you guys - well done for reaching a place of contentment and peace. fingers crossed it's not years before everything is sorted xx

  2. Love and strength from me to you always!
    I was shocked to see a photo of you NOT smiling !! !! !! You will always be in my heart as the girl who always smiles

  3. good for you for letting yourself have the time you've needed xxx

  4. kia kaha. I visit Chch every year to give one of my best buddies a big hug. You guys have not had it easy nor the support you have always required. You are strong and I take my hat off to everyone in Chch.


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