I now have new cushion covers

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I now have 6 new cushion covers. I posted that I wanted new cushion covers. I finally took the time to sit down and make them.

They are a simple square cushion cover with grey polka dot linen on the back and print fabric on the front with a calico ( to make them firmer) and a simple zip opening at the bottom of each. Nothing too fancy- simple and effective.

I brought from briscoes 6 cushion inners 50cm x50cm and I can't complain at these prices. The inners are slightly larger than the cushion covers.

I had thought about using our old cushion's inserts (fluff) but I needed 6 cushions worth and I only had 4 existing cushions. Buying the inserts seemed like the easiest/cost effective and least messy way of filling the cushions.

I do love how they turned out!!

and they look great on our couch.

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  1. Very nice indeed! Don't you just love how great it looks and feels once you get round to a project you've been meaning to!


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