a pile of fabric- blue addition

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I had already made a start on the pink addition quilt. This quilt had me struggling for a while.
I made a start 3 times. I sadly and thankfully unpicked a fair amount of the quilt top.

I found  some inspiration from pintrest.

I am so pleased I brought 1/4 mtr of plain homespun that were also the full width of the fabrics I was using. It ended up being less bitsy and came together quickly after that change!

Ironing out all those seams was very tedious!!

I choose to hand quilt using dmc thread matching the thread to the colour in the row I was stitching. I made sure not to do every row. Just enough.

Completed quilt

Both quilts are now washed and dry and ready for their new home- even with a week to spare!

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  1. Go you! What a machine - will feel super satisfying though finishing in good time!


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